We’re working to address the imbalance.

APRA AMCOS acknowledges the need to address the gender imbalance within the New Zealand and Australian music industry. Only 21.7% of APRA writer members identify as female, and we have partnered with RMIT University in Melbourne to undertake a research project that examines the gap, with a view to establishing skills development and mentoring programs in 2017 and beyond.

We have implemented initiatives and programs to help develop and advance women within our own organisation, and we've implemented a 40/40/20 measure on membership programs, which will see an increase in women within our programs and initiatives including the Ambassador program, SongHubs, and Professional Development Awards, as well as judges, presenters and performers at our Awards series. At least 40% of our national event series panelists will be female, and we'll also address female representation in terms of topics specific to their career development.

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