To apply for the Art Music Fund, you must be a composer. The term “composer” is used inclusively, covering anyone involved in the creation of a work, including:

  • Sound artists
  • Improvisers
  • A team of creative collaborators

You must be a member of APRA and Australian composers must be a financial member of the Australian Music Centre.

An individual composer may appear in no more than one application per annual funding round.


The Art Music Fund exists to commission new work that is innovative, displays professional compositional craft and represents a benchmark of excellence in its field. These works must have committed partners to ensure the work is presented multiple times with the intention to create a long artistic life for the work and by extension its composer.

The Fund supports a wide range of music styles including the following:

  • Notated composition
  • Electroacoustic music
  • Improvised music, including innovative, original jazz
  • Sound art
  • Installation sound
  • Multimedia, web and film sound and music
  • Theatrical, operatic and choreographed music

All applicants will be asked to explain how their arts practice aligns with the qualities identified in the Art Music Fund (innovation, compositional craft and excellence) regardless of style

Please note: The Art Music Fund is not intended to support popular and rock music, especially of commercial importance, nor folk and traditional music


The works proposed for grant funds must be new works - arrangements or re-workings of existing works are not eligible.

The full scope of works is eligible, from small solo works through to chamber and large-scale ensemble and/or orchestral works, theatrical works, operatic works, choreographed works and soundscapes.

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