The APRA Music Grants programme supports the Youth Performance Trust by contributing to the Smokefree Pacifica Beats school competition, including APRA Best Song Award at regional & national finals.

About Youth Performance Trust

The Youth Performance Trust is an innovative and multi-disciplined youth development agency based in Auckland, Aotearoa.

Since 2003, they have been exploring how to reach and support young Maori and Pacific people in ways that are relevant and appropriate for them. It’s called a ‘strengths-based approach’ and supports a long-term, sustainable change for our people.

Smokefree Pacifica Beats is a live, original music, nationwide, youth event that recognises and reflects the unique cultural identity of Aotearoa New Zealand and the South Pacific.

The event has come a long way since it started in '94' as the Urban Beats Award within the SmokefreeRockquest. 

Musical successes from Smokefree Pacifica Beats over 
its 25-year history include Nesian Mystik, Ria Hall, Spacifix, Ria, Strangely Arousing,

Smokefree Pacifica Beats aims to motivate young musicians to prove their ability and realise the heights they can reach in their music careers, and to encourage their peers to support original New Zealand music.

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