You can transfer music from one format to another for private copying purposes with this licence, subject to conditions.

Private copying: what’s allowed   

  • you or a member of your household owns an non-infringing original copy or legal download of the music, and
  • the copy is for your own private and domestic use, for playback on a device owned by you,

You may now copy the music from: 

  • a CD onto another CD,
  • a CD onto a PC or an mp3 player, and
  • a digital download onto an mp3 player or a CD.

What’s not allowed   

  • copy a friend’s CD (or give your friend a CD for them to make a copy);
  • copy from a CD if it is a pirate CD;
  • copy a music file if it is an illegal download;
  • swap songs on your mp3 player with someone else;
  • make copies of a digital download outside any terms you enter into with the provider of the download (e.g. iTunes or BigPond Music);
  • sell, rent or distribute at a later date (other than to the person's family or others in the person's household) either the source-recording or the copy; and
  • copy the recording for the purpose of playing the source-recording or the copy in public or broadcasting it (i.e. in any circumstance where an APRA licence is required to perform/broadcast the music).

If the copying you wish to do falls outside of what's allowed above, you may need a Casual Blanket Reproduction Licence.

Download the Casual Blanket Reproduction Licence application form below:

Download Application Form

If you have any questions feel free to email or call us on 0800 69 2772.

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