Using music in advertising requires the approval from all copyright holders in the song you wish to use in your production. Advertising and promotions usually use either commercially released songs, production music, or music written specifically for use in the production.


When using a commercially released song in any advertisement or promotion, there are two copyrights to consider.

There is a copyright embodied in the composition of the song (the words, the musical arrangement) and a copyright in the sound recording of that song. Often songs are written by someone other than the performer of the work.  

When re-recording a song, or creating a cover version for your ad or promotion, while you may not need to obtain clearance for the original sound recording, you will still need to obtain permission to use the musical work.

We can seek quotes and administer licences for both copyrights on your behalf.  For more information regarding licencing an commercially released song for your ad or promotion, email us, call us on 0800 69 2772, or download an application form.


Production Music is music specifically written and recorded to be used in all forms of audio and audiovisual productions, including advertising and promotions.  Production Music tracks are pre-cleared for immediate use and cover both the sound recording and musical work copyrights. Rates for using Production Music in advertising and promotions are listed in the Rate Card.

What do I need to do to start using Production Music?

1. Complete a quick and simple registration
2. Find the perfect track for your production from Production Music Libraries
3. Find out the cost to use it in your production using our Online Rate Calculator
4. Use the music. Don’t forget to make a record of the track you use, including title, composers, Library and disc number and the duration you have used.
5. Let us know what music you have used via our Online Licensing Facility
6. We send you an invoice

How much does it cost?

Click here to view the 2015 Production Music Rate Card

If you have any questions about using production music email us or call 0800 69 2772.


In most cases the rights you need to obtain to use specially composed music in your ad or promotion will be included in the agreement between you and the commissioned composer. It is important to note that if you are re-recording a cover version of an existing song, you will still need to obtain permission to use the musical work. We can seek quotes and administer licences for cover versions on your behalf. 

For more information regarding licencing a cover version of a song for your ad or promotion, email us or call us on 0800 69 2772.

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