We offer a low-cost solution for businesses that incorporate music into films of weddings and similar events where those films are made solely for the purpose of domestic viewing for their clients.

Normally, obtaining copyright clearances to synchronise and reproduce musical works into a film or video would involve contacting each of the rights owners in each of the works that you want to use. However, the Domestic use Video/DVD Licence gives you a simple and cheap way of complying with your copyright obligations. Please note, you will also require the same permissions from the owners of the sound recordings you wish to use. 

The licence covers the making of audiovisual productions made for the purpose of supply to those who appear in them and for their private domestic use only. The licence permits music that is played at the event to be captured in the production, as well as synchronisation / copying from commercial recordings in post production. Specific terms and restrictions are set out in the licences.

Annual Domestic Video/DVD Licence

Under the Annual Domestic Video/DVD Licence you may record an unlimited number of weddings or other similar events per year, but for each event you may only make a maximum of 20 copies in Standard format (video and DVD only).  Annual Domestic Video/DVD Licence fee: $283.42 (Including GST).

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Please note that the above licences do not cover the use of music in some types of audiovisual productions, including:

  • Corporate or training videos
  • Audiovisual productions that are commercially marketed or available for sale
  • Audiovisual productions that are made for public screenings
  • Audiovisual productions that are made for broadcast or internet transmission (including for upload to UGC sites such as YouTube)
  • Audiovisual productions that contain promotional or advertising material

If you are using music in video for advertising click here. If you are using music in video for film, TV or online, click here.

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