Wednesday, 09 Nov 2016

November Distribution Coming Soon

November is often a great time of the year for APRA AMCOS members who play live. If you submitted Performance Reports for the financial year 2015/16, you will be paid royalties for these live performances in our November distribution.

Writers and publishers of jingles and music used in advertisements will also be paid in the November distribution. This will be the first distribution where we have implemented monitoring airplay of advertisements on television and radio in certain areas, and used Music Recognition Technology to identify the music. This may result in some members seeing a difference in the amount they are paid.

This new reporting system provides a fair and accurate account of plays, and will allow APRA AMCOS to make quarterly payments moving forward. It is therefore imperative that writers and publishers of music used in advertisements regularly submit audio files to our Online Portal for Uploading Songs (OPUS) to ensure their works are monitored and paid.

We thank all members who used our new systems for reporting both live performances and jingle use. If you have any questions regarding your payment or the reporting systems, please get in touch with your Writer Services or Publisher Relations representative.

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