Friday, 29 Jun 2018

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Just played? Get paid!

Have you played a live show in the past 12 months? Then it’s time to get working on your Performance Reports, so we can pay you for playing live! After all, who doesn’t want to see a little bit of extra cash in their bank account?

As usual, we need you to tell us where, when and what you've played over the last year so that we can pay your share of royalties, and you’ve got until Tuesday 31 July to get your Reports in. Simple right? Sure, there’s some admin involved, but it’s your money – you’ve earned it and we want to make sure you get it.

We asked a couple of familiar independent local songwriters to tell us how a little bit of boring administration can end up feeling worthwhile.

Anthonie Tonnon

“Running a small business takes a lot of admin. But it's not every day you can know, with certainty, that a day of admin now is going to pay in a few months.

Every time you play a song in a live venue, there's money being kept aside for you. Venues work hard to pay their APRA fees and they want that money to go to the artists they ask to play. Doing your return is the way to ensure that it does.

I always set aside a day to do my Performance Report, because that payment has consistently made the difference between me playing music as hobby, and playing music as a job.”

Mel Parsons

“Are you putting off your Performance Report? Don't be a loser! It's free money! Definitely worth the pain of remembering all your shows.

“Here's my hot tip - start a spreadsheet (NOW!) of gigs for the coming year. Then, every time you play, enter the deets in there along with your set list, and it'll make filing in your live return a breeze. Did I mention free money? Do it.”

If you need more help navigating the Performance Reports system, download our PDF user guide, hit up your local Member Services rep, or read our Tips of the Trade article.

“Putting in performance reports is like doing tax,” says Sarah Thompson of Melbourne band Camp Cope. “It can be tedious at the time, but when you get paid and can afford rent and whatever else it is you like to buy, you’ve already forgotten about it. Would recommend.”

Ready to get paid? Just log in to your APRA AMCOS member account and start submitting. You’ve got until 5pm Tuesday 31 July to get your Reports in for shows between 1 July 2017 and 30 June 2018.

Royalties earned through Performance Reports will be paid in our November 2018 distribution.

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