Monday, 15 May 2017

Song of the Book At 2017 Auckland Writers Festival

Lovers of music and literature, have we got a show for you!

During the 2017 Auckland Writers Festival, four of our excellent members - Anna Coddington, Reb Fountain, Francis Kora, and Steve Abel - are taking inspiration from one book each, and creating four brand new songs.

They'll be performing the new works, and talking about the art of songwriting at The Song Of The Book, with Radio NZ Music 101 host Alex Behan acting as MC.

Earlybird tickets are just $20 and you can book tickets and find more info about the show on Saturday 20 May HERE.

The four songwriters are all book lovers, and are relishing the challenge of taking a book and drawing a song from the pages.

"I've always loved reading and taken inspiration for songwriting from doing so. There are not a lot of new things to say, but there will always be new ways to say them. New ways to say "I love you" or "I hate you" or "I'm sad/happy/bored/etc/etc/etc". I love it when a writer says something in a way that turns my mind, or manages to say a lot with only a few words." - Anna Coddington.

"In the book I'm reading there's a line that goes, "The seven hills that hunched like hungry crows." I'm trying to fit that into the song among other lovely evocative lines of prose that could easily be poetry or song lyrics. Borrowing from a 300 page book for a 12 line song - it's both a simple and impossible challenge." - Steve Abel.

"Inspiration for music making comes from all corners. For me, this project has felt less about typical inspiration from a body of work and more about purposeful engagement with it.  I’ve felt a strong sense of obligation to capture, reflect, weave among and answer the call of my author. That’s not to say my musical ‘response’ will seem any less arbitrary or connected, unrelated or relatable to the text. More, I realised that in order for me to construct a song that genuinely honoured someone else’s creative process alongside my own, needed to find meaning and connection beyond myself, or what I might find anecdotally inspiring. That hasn’t been an easy process, but it’s been profoundly helpful in building a song that for me at least makes sense in relation to my authors work.  What exactly I created and why I’ll tell you all about at the show, which I really hope you come to - there’s nothing like a first time performance of a song to freak the shit out of a musician, let alone taking that very young, raw creation to a writer’s festival and sharing it with an astute audience who may or may not even include the author of the book you were charged to write a song in relation to. It’s going to be a great honour to hear the work of my fellow musicians in such a space." - Reb Fountain


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