Monday, 05 Feb 2018

New Zealand Music Industry Manifesto

In 2017, during the lead up to the General Election, APRA AMCOS collaborated and consulted with OneMusic NZ, Recorded Music New Zealand, the Music Managers’ Forum, Independent Music New Zealand and the New Zealand Music Commission, to create a document that would give voice to the priorities of music and music creators in New Zealand and describe a vision for the future.

We looked at past and present statistics, overseas trends and technological developments, and broadly examined what our music community needs in order to sustain itself and thrive in a transforming, increasingly global environment.

We distilled our vision into five categories - Education, Investment, Value, Protection, and Expansion - and translated it into language that addresses the creative process and value of music in a way that’s familiar and digestible for those in governmental and political circles.

The resulting NZ Music Industry Manifesto is a tool for advocacy and a declaration of our shared goals - not only as a united and economically important business community, but also as an indispensable cultural community of individual creators.

You can check out and download the full Manifesto HERE.

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