Tuesday, 17 Jul 2018

SongHubs Sphere Participants Announced

Having announced the wonderful international guests who will be joining us for SongHubs Sphere a couple of weeks ago, we're now delighted to announce the songwriters who will be participating in the program also.

They are:

Abigail Knudson / Missy

Amelia Murray / Fazerdaze

Anji Sami / She's So Rad

Anna Coddington / Clicks

Brooke Singer / French For Rabbits

Caitlin McGregor / Handsome

Emma Logan / October

Flo Wilson

Hinenui-Terangi Tairua / Angel Tairua

Jessica Bourke / Jess B

Jessica Hansell / Coco Solid

Maude Morris / LEXXA

Millie Lovelock / Astro Children

Nakita Turner / Nakita

Shana Llorando / Valere


125 years ago New Zealand became the first country in the world to give women the right to vote. While we continue to lead the way for women's rights in many areas of life, our music industry - just like the rest of the world's - remains plagued by a deep and persistent gender imbalance.

Only 21.9% of APRA AMCOS's members (songwriters and composers) identify as female. Less than 4% of our producers and sound engineers identify as female. Less than 10% of acts programmed in NZ music fesitvals identify as female. Yet our female artists punch repeatedly above their weight.

SongHubs Sphere is a unique celebration of our Suffragettes' historic achievement, alongside the extraordinary spirit and fortitude of our female-identifying music creators who succeed despite being in the distinct minority.

In August 2018, we're bringing extraordinary women from around the world to create music on every level - production, engineering, composition, and performance - with our own extraordinary female-identifying talent. Our international guests are Wendy Wang, Susan Rogers, Ebonie Smith, and Laura Bettinson/FEMME, with Chelsea Jade as the curator of the program.

Our participants and international guests will spend a week at Roundhead Studios from Monday August 6 to Saturday August 11, working collaboratively on a new song each day.

In addition to the daily writing sessions we hold, we'll be presenting a seminar series to the wider music community so that our industry as a whole will be able to share the knowledge of our guests and see their female heroes and mentors front and center.

SongHubs Sphere is a step towards leveling the playing field, so that everyone can see themselves reflected in our musical community, feel safe and welcome, and take their rightful place within it.

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