Friday, 30 Nov 2018


APRA AMCOS welcomes the release of the NZ Government’s copyright review issues paper. 

“This review into copyright is critical for the future of all our creative industries and we look forward to the artists’ voice and the voices of those that invest in the creative process being part of the discussion into how New Zealand positions itself for the future,” said Anthony Healey, head of APRA AMCOS New Zealand.

“With a rich vein of talent coming from across the country and with the advent of a second digital revolution, the opportunities for New Zealand and its economy are infinite.”

“Creators and consumers all benefit from a strong and robust copyright regime and through this review New Zealand has the opportunity to develop world’s best practice to usher in a new era of access, creativity, excellence and export” he says.

The purpose of the review is to assess how well the legislation meets New Zealand’s objectives for copyright and to identify barriers to achieving those objectives and how these effect creators, publishers, distributors and consumers.

APRA Writer Director and songwriter Malcolm Black says; “Today we have more music, more access and more opportunity. At the same time though the balance has shifted and large multinational technology companies dominate the way we listen to music, watch video and even find our entertainment online.”

“Each of these trillion dollar companies are built on the back of individual creators works. It’s only reasonable that those creators participate fairly and equally in this digital economy. That’s why this review is important” he says.

APRA plans to consult with members in coming months about their views on the Copyright Act Review.
Everyone is invited to read the issues paper and terms of reference for the review at the link below. There is also the opportunity to submit feedback.

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