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Performance Reports and submitting Setlists to promoters

Every time you play your own songs live, you’re earning money. Be that at your local pub with your acoustic guitar, a live music venue with your band, or landing a huge festival slot- it all counts when it comes to songwriting royalties. 

Performance Reports tell us when, where and what you’ve performed so that we can accurately pay you live performance royalties. 


If you perform at a festival or a live music event where the ticket price is over $35.00, you need to submit your set list to the promoter who will pass this on to us. An example of an event like this is Rhythm and Vines, Bay Dreams, or the Tash Sultana Australia/New Zealand tour which saw 4 kiwi acts land opening slots at shows in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. You can read about their experience HERE

It is important when submitting a set list that you give us as much accurate information as possible. This includes the name of the song, name of the artist/performer, name of the event, date, and performance type. Details such as 'duration' of the song can impact the amount you are paid so please ensure you give accurate information in this submission. 

The promoter of the event should provide you with the online form below, or a version of it, to submit these details to us. If you fill out the form below, there is no need to fill out a live performance report as well. 

Setlist form


For all other live performances that do not fit into the category above, you must submit your own Performance Reports through our Writer Portal. In order to get you paid, we need the following information:

  • Performance date
  • Venue name and address
  • List of works performed

The cut-off date for submitting Performance Reports for the previous financial year is 31 July, but you can use the system in the way that suits you best:

  • Claim each performance as you go or
  • Keep records of performances over a period of time, and make all your claims together at a later date


Download our handy ‘how to’ guide (PDF).

Need more information?

Check out our Performance Reports FAQs or get in touch with the APRA AMCOS Writer Services team: 0800 69 2772 or We’re here to help!

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