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Auckland based indie-pop outfit Harry Parsons scored a coveted opening slot for Tash Sultana, at Auckland's Town Hall. As a talented guitarist, lyricist and vocalist, with a humble stage presence and charisma, Harry was the perfect choice to open the evening. We chatted to Harry about new music, performing alongside an acclaimed soloist, and his surprisingly large APRA royalty cheque!

First of all congratulations on your opening slot for Tash Sultana! Tell us about the show.

I played at The Auckland Town Hall on July 24th! It was an amazing experience, biggest crowd I’ve ever played to- plus and an artist that I’ve looked up to for years!

What was that experience like, particularly playing for someone you have aspired to for so long?

Pretty overwhelming really, I had enough butterflies to fill a football field! But I was so happy when I got on the stage. It was really nice to play a more stripped down set, with just me and my guitar, and still have people singing along- Such a buzz!

I remember seeing her playing jungle in her room on a Facebook video when I was in high school and thinking she was insanely talented- and now Tash is a full on rockstar!

What was your set like on the night? Did you play anything new or try anything out that you hadn’t before? 

I played about 7 or 8 songs which went for about 30 minutes. I played a few unreleased songs- its always nice to test new material live first! I tried one that I’d written literally that week, and it turned out to be the best received tune of the night. Now I’m releasing it with NZ On Air! It was a great way to gauge what people are into, that’s for sure.

I also hadn’t played solo in long time; I had been playing mostly with a full band so that was a bit scary... 

So you received an APRA performance royalty cheque a few months after the Tash Sultana show. Do you know where your royalties actually come from? 

Yeah it was a nice surprise to see it in my account! The promoter looked after putting the song list through to APRA etc, so no I’m not really sure how it all works yet!

Was this royalty larger than usual for you?

Yep! Way larger, big fat wad of moola! 

Awesome! That's because instead of earning your normal APRA performance royalty, you are earning a percentage of the licence fee paid by the promoter of the Tash Sultana tour! Here's the lowdown of how the money arrives in your pocket as the songwriter...

We are massive fans of your sound, and you have released some really successful pop singles. What are your plans for the next year around your music? Any new releases coming up?

Yeah loads of plans! I have two funded songs currently, releasing the first one in March! Then I’ll crack on with the second one, and aim for an EP or maybe even an album… Also aiming to travel and play way more!



Tash Sultana is a Melbourne based multi-instrumentalist with a rich history of breaking the mould. From busking in the streets to amassing hundreds of millions of streams, and wowing audiences with her virtuosic playing of over 20 instruments, Tash is at the forefront on the industry. The New Zealand leg of her tour saw some of Tash's most emotive and memorable performances- giving 4 talented Kiwi up and comers the chance to showcase their own songwriting prowess. 

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