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Alt-pop masters Jaggers X Lines (Eliana Gray and Morgan Smillie) have been blessing our airways with eclectic, synth driven tunes since early 2017. With a number of singles, and a debut album already under their belt, Tash Sultana's Dunedin show was the perfect opportunity for fans to hear their tracks recreated live. We chatted to Eliana from Jaggers X Lines about their opening slot for Tash Sultana, future plans for the band and their surprisingly large APRA royalty cheque!

First of all congratulations on your opening slot for Tash Sultana! Tell us about the show.

We played the Ōtepoti show and it was awesome! It was the biggest audience we've ever played to and getting to perform on our first real big stage was awesome! The energy in the venue was so positive and community oriented. A very kind and lovely gig. Tashs's fans are the best!

Were you a fan of Tash before the show?

We had both come across her before but definitely became bigger fans in the audience. 

Shes amazing right! What was your set like on the night? Did you play any new material or test out any new performance styles? 

Our set was half an hour and we played ten songs! We played a new track (Losing My Breath) that we had just finished the day before and it went off!

It was really fun to play a shorter set and get the maximum impact out of our stage time.

So you received an APRA performance royalty cheque a few months after the Tash Sultana show. Do you know where your royalties actually come from? 

As far as I know, our royalties come from the venues/radio stations paying licence fees to one music which is then collected by Apra and distributed to us!

Was the cheque a little larger than usual for you guys?

Yes! Hugely!! I opened the band account and screamed because it was the most money we'd ever made.

Not that it's about the money- cause wow thats a good way to set yourself up for a psychological breakdown, but getting money is pretty fun.

I'm glad you guys are happy! Its always important to get the money that you're owed for your songwriting- And not a lot of performers actually understand where the money comes from!

Here's how it all works...

You guys have had some amazing success in the alt-pop scene, and its been awesome to follow your career so far. What are your plans for the next year or so? 

We're back in the studio working on our next EP (or maybe an album who knows, not us)!

We've got some fun shows lined up around the country, including playing Newtown Fest for the first time which we're really excited about. Also! Ellie wrote a book of poetry and it's getting published in April by Girls on Key Press! It's called Eager to Break and everyone should check it out. Also let's be real, we'll probably end up doing a lil national tour cause we love it.


Tash Sultana is a Melbourne based multi-instrumentalist with a rich history of breaking the mould. From busking in the streets to amassing hundreds of millions of streams, and wowing audiences with her virtuosic playing of over 20 instruments, Tash is at the forefront on the industry. The New Zealand leg of her tour saw some of Tash's most emotive and memorable performances- giving 4 talented Kiwi up and comers the chance to showcase their own songwriting prowess. 

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