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Josie Moon's 2018 EP Rose Tinted is a must for your summer playlist. Her washing synths, driving beats and rhythmic hooks, marry into a luscious pop soundscape that will have you swaying your hips before you know it. We chatted to Josie about performing alongside acclaimed songwriter Tash Sultana, her aspirations for 2019 and his surprisingly large APRA royalty cheque!

First of all congratulations on your opening slot for Tash Sultana! Tell us about the show.

I played at the Wellington Opera house. It’s a really beautiful venue, I was so excited to play. It has such an intimate, yet grand presence when you’re on the stage. It’s quite unique.

Were you a fan of Tash before the show?

I remember seeing videos of her busking online years ago and just being very impressed with her discipline and dexterity. You can tell she puts so much blood and sweat into her craft and that’s such an admirable thing for any artist. I respect her a lot.

On top of that she has written some really beautiful songs so I was overjoyed when I was asked to play at her show.

What was your set like on the night? Did you play anything new or try anything out you hadn’t before? 

I had a 30 minute slot so I played 7 songs. I had just finished my first EP which was going to be out at the end of August so I played almost all brand new songs during my set.

I also included an unreleased track that I put up on my Soundcloud a couple of months ago, it was one that was a bit slower than my other music and I thought that Tash’s audience might be a little more gentle listening to it than some of the other shows I’ve played before.

Sometimes audiences at other venues I’ve played at aren’t in the mood for something slow and quieter, but I think Tash’s audience tend to be quite open minded people and are really there to just experience the music. They were so quiet and listened to it all really respectfully, so I was grateful. It made it so much more fulfilling for me perform that night.

That sounds amazing! What a great way to test out new material!

So you received an APRA performance royalty cheque a few months after the Tash Sultana show. Do you know where your royalties actually come from? 

I think part of it comes from the venues sending money to for being able to host live acts, and then that’s passed on to APRA who distribute to the artists… right? To be honest it’s taken me a long time to wrap my head around all the little inner workings of how APRA functions, but I think I’m finally starting to get there with it hahaha.

No worries at all- it can be really confusing! Here's how it all works...

We are in love with your 2018 EP Rose Tinted, and it has had some amazing commercial success of late. What are your plans for the next year or so? Any new releases coming up we should keep an eye out for?

I’m working on my next EP at the moment, trying to expand into some of my personal musical influences, while not making it too much of a jarring transition from Rose Tinted last year. I’m looking at hopefully being able to release it in the later half of 2019!


Tash Sultana is a Melbourne based multi-instrumentalist with a rich history of breaking the mould. From busking in the streets to amassing hundreds of millions of streams, and wowing audiences with her virtuosic playing of over 20 instruments, Tash is at the forefront on the industry. The New Zealand leg of her tour saw some of Tash's most emotive and memorable performances- giving 4 talented Kiwi up and comers the chance to showcase their own songwriting prowess. 

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