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Fans of glossy, synth driven, pop queen Laura Lee Lovely were lucky enough to catch her in her element at the Christchurch show. With a string of upbeat singles to her name, she made for an energised start to the night. We chatted to Laura about her opening slot for Tash Sultana, changes to her live setup and where her APRA royalties come from!

First of all congratulations on your opening slot for Tash Sultana! Tell us about the show.

Thank you! I opened for Tash at Horncastle Arena in Christchurch; it was my first time playing my new music to an audience of that size.

I’d been following Tash’s music for a couple of years, so the whole experience was pretty surreal and so awesome!

What was your set like on the night? Did you play any new material or test out any new performance styles? 

My slot was half an hour, so I played around 8 songs. My friend Simon joined me on stage for this show, and he added some crucial live elements to the set. I wanted to make the sound as big as possible for the space we were in. We played a few old and a few new songs, and had a really receptive audience which was awesome.

So you received an APRA performance royalty cheque a few months after the Tash Sultana show. Do you know where your royalties actually come from? 

Not really, I knew that I would be paid for the live performance as I have done my performance reports before. I think the money comes from the venue and APRA, but I'm not too sure how it all works... I think it was more than usual though! 

It definitely is important to make the money that you're owed! Particularly with these bigger events it can make a big difference! Here's how it all works...

We've been jamming your last single Lights in the office! What are your plans for the next year or so? Any gigs or releases we should know about?

This year I’m finishing my album, I’m planning on releasing a few singles throughout the year too, it’s going to be a year jam packed with music so I’m pretty excited for it!


Tash Sultana is a Melbourne based multi-instrumentalist with a rich history of breaking the mould. From busking in the streets to amassing hundreds of millions of streams, and wowing audiences with her virtuosic playing of over 20 instruments, Tash is at the forefront on the industry. The New Zealand leg of her tour saw some of Tash's most emotive and memorable performances- giving 4 talented Kiwi up and comers the chance to showcase their own songwriting prowess. 

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