DON McGLASHAN | APRA Board Member | Silver Scroll Winner | APRA Member since 1982

Don is one of NZ’s most iconic songwriters. He began his extraordinary career as a founding member of the experimental percussion ensemble From Scratch and since then he has been one half of legendary kiwi duo The Front Lawn, the drummer and lead singer of BlamBlamBlam (finalists for The Lost Scroll of 1981 for ‘There is No Depression’) and the lead singer and songwriter of The Muttonbirds (winning his first Silver Scroll for the song, ‘Anchor Me’).

Also a renowned film composer, Don’s scores include all three of Toa Fraser’s films - ‘The Deadlands’, ‘Dean Spanley’ and ‘No. 2’ (the score for which included his second Silver Scroll winning song ‘Bathe in the River’).
He has just released his third solo album ‘Lucky Stars’ to rave reviews.

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