ROB RUHA | Te Whānau a Apanui, Ngāti Porou | Maioha Award Winner | APRA Member since 2010

Winner of the 2014 Maioha Award for his waiata ‘Tiki Tapu’ Rob has been involved in the Māori Performing Arts for as long as he can remember and is the composer of more than 200 waiata, haka and mōteatea.
A leading exponent of Kapa Haka, he is a respected judge and the co-tutor of Te Kapa Haka o Te Whānau a Apanui, the current Te Matatini world champions. Rob’s music is a deeply conceived expression of Māoritanga, championing cultural pride, spirituality, love, commitment and unity in the face of social change. His release dates align with key events on the Māori calendar that also relate to themes in his music.
On August 21st, Rob released the first part of his first album ‘Pūmau’ at Tūrangaewaewaemarae to honour the coronation of King Tūheitia. The final part is set to be released on the 22nd of December during Te Hikumutu, the summer solstice. Rob holds a Masters degree in MātaurangaMāori and a Bachelor of Māori Performing Arts.

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