What is the new EDS Jingle System?

Jingles and Enriched Data Sources (EDS)

All Jingles aired in EDS areas from 1 July 2015 will be distributed via APRA AMCOS’ new EDS Jingle system. This means there will no longer be a need to submit a Jingle Reporting Form, unless your Jingles are only aired in non-EDS area broadcasts.

Enriched Data Source (EDS) Areas for Jingles include:

  • New Zealand Radio: Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington;
  • New Zealand TV: Auckland;
  • Australian TV and Radio: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth

If your ad is only played in non-EDS areas (i.e. not in any EDS areas) you will need to self-report.

Below shows the process from July 1st 2015.

What audio should I be uploading?

If your jingles have been on air any time this year or will be in the future, you should upload them into our system via OPUS. To do this you must first make sure all your jingles are registered with APRA AMCOS using our new writer portal. You can then enter OPUS via the writer portal. The relevant audio that must be uploaded is the part of the ad that contains your work/s. If the jingle has a tag line from another composer, you must edit this out before uploading your part of the jingle.

Do I have to upload all jingle audio or only commissioned jingles?

For APRA AMCOS purposes, we classify a ‘jingle’ as any music used in an advertising context.  Please ensure that all music that is used in advertisements, both commissioned and non-commissioned works, are registered and uploaded to OPUS.

Keep in mind that most non-commissioned music will already reside in Soundmouse’s database. When this is the case, uploading is not necessary.

What happens if I don't upload any audio?

APRA AMCOS is moving to an Enriched Data Sources (EDS) jingle system which relies on jingle members registering their jingles and uploading the audio into OPUS. Future jingle payments depend on members undertaking the registration and uploading processes. The new system will be accurate and efficient. Self-reporting is being replaced with registration and uploading.

How do I know if audio is already uploaded to Sound Mouse?

If you are aware that a commercially released sound recording is being licensed for an advertisement, and that sound recording is available through a major label, major digital distributer (e.g. The Orchard) then uploading is not necessary. This is because Soundmouse, our Music Recognition Technology provider, usually ingests all music released through these distribution channels. The APRA AMCOS new jingle system will then be able to match the music used in the advertisement to the correct sound recording and work. 

If a new sound recording is being made for this advertisement (e.g. a sound-a-like, a new arrangement, change of lyrics – think 'The Good Guys' based on Good Vibrations or 'I Like Bing Lee' based on I Like Chinese) then it is crucial that the new recording is uploaded (after undertaking any necessary registration steps including obtaining permission from the original writers). This is because the audio fingerprint of the new recording will most likely be substantially different to previous recordings of the musical work.

Which version of my Ad should I upload?

If possible, upload the original music mix used in the ad without any of the ad voice overs. This is enough for Soundmouse’s music recognition technology to identify the jingle, even with different voice overs. If you don’t have the original music mix used in ad, then you will need to upload all the different versions of that ad with alternative voice overs.

What if I have multiple works in one jingle?

Where multiple works are used in one jingle, only the audio related to your own work/s should be uploaded. Please edit the audio to ensure this is the case and attach the audio to the corresponding jingle registration.

What if my jingle has been re-recorded?

If your jingle has been re-recorded, it is crucial that you upload the new recording used in the actual ad. The music recognition technology used generates a fingerprint from the audio file. Therefore always upload the specific recording used each time there’s a re-record.

What if Soundmouse can't match my work?

Soundmouse uses Retro-Matching Jingles Cycles

APRA AMCOS’ music recognition technology provider Soundmouse, will re-attempt recognition for any unrecognised tracks after three, six, twelve, twenty-four and thirty-six months from the first attempt. 

What if my recording is pitched or has a time shift?

Pitch/Time shifted Ads

Soundmouse has informed APRA AMCOS that its music recognition technology algorithm can cope with pitch/time shifting. However, if you can obtain a copy of the altered recording, APRA AMCOS would recommend uploading that in any case.

What if I’ve Already Uploaded a full Ad, including the Tag line of someone else’s work?

Please provide APRA AMCOS with a list of any such audio files. You must include details about:

  • The unique audio ID – note the default is the file name.
  • The original file name (in many cases it will be the same as the default).
  • Corresponding JG.

Removal requests should be sent to opus@apra.com.au. You must then re-upload your jingle, ensuring that only that part of the ad with your music is uploaded.

What if I don't have an audio file for my jingle?

If you have unsuccessfully exhausted every avenue to source the audio for your jingle, you should contact APRA AMCOS Writer Services, who will investigate what possible options are available.

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