I am an APRA AMCOS member - can I apply for an APRA Music Grant to pay for the recording or marketing of my new album?

No. Our music grants are not available to fund individual projects.

I am looking for help to tour my band overseas. Can I apply for an APRA Music Grant for financial support?

No. Our music grants are not available to fund individual bands touring domestically or overseas. Check out the New Zealand Music Commission's music export office Outward Sound.

Who decides the grant allocations?

Grants are reviewed and determined by the Board Awards and Music Grants Committee and approved at the full meeting of the APRA Board in July/August. 

I have already submitted my application – can I add supporting material?

We will accept supporting material up to the end of June of the year you apply. Please be advised that this material will not be returned. Any additional material you provide must be clearly marked as supporting material to your named application.

Before I submit my application I would like to discuss my application in more detail - who do I contact?

Contact Trilby Crowther on 09 623 4720 or email grants@apra.co.nz with your name and contact number.

I am unsure of how much money to request in my application.

Our music grants are not intended to be the leading sponsor of any event, program or initiative. The grants aim to fund activities that support the promotion of the musical works of New Zealand and Australian composers. The grant application form will ask you to provide evidence (if available) of other financial contributions. If you would like to discuss amounts please email grants@apra.co.nz.

Must I use the grant by 30 June?

Our music grants are awarded as part of an annual financial year cycle. If you do not use your grant by 30 June of the financial year it was awarded, you will need to re-apply for the grant in the next cycle. Grants cannot be carried over to the following financial year.

Can I make a variation to the project once the grant has been approved?

Yes, although all variations to the projects must be discussed and approved in writing prior to the use. Send variation requests to grants@apra.co.nz.

What if I have two separate projects from the one organisation?

You may submit more than one application but they must be on separate application forms.

What if I miss the application deadline?

For projects that occur within the upcoming financial year after August please contact grants@apra.co.nz.

Can I change the conditions of the grant once the Board has made a decision?

In certain cases variations to your projects may be accepted. All variations must be sent in writing via grants@apra.co.nz. This must include all aspects that are to be varied (including any new budget). You will be advised if your variation is successful.

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