We are constantly providing opportunities for our members to connect with each other and broader parts of the music industry.

Songwriter Speaks

Songwriter Speaks sessions see well-known musicians discussing their songs and performing live.

Held at the APRA AMCOS office and around the country, often taking place at major festivals and music events.

Pictured at the Don Walker Songwriter Speaks in April 2014, L to R: Malcolm McCalllum, Nick Bollinger, Don Walker, Dianne Swann, Jordan Luck, Steve Abel, Delaney Davidson & Wayne Bell.

Connecting Members

Bringing together APRA AMCOS members and key figures in the music industry, Connecting Members events feature discussions with industry figures and provide the opportunity for members to meet one another. 


Each year, a different APRA Roadshow topic is chosen and panel discussions with musicians and industry figures are held around the country.

Third-party events at APRA AMCOS Offices

APRA AMCOS often provide facilities for music-based organisations to hold events. Some of our regulars include the Music Managers Forum (MMF) and the Screen Composers Guild of New Zealand.

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