We're here for the music. We help music creators get paid for their work and give music users easy ways to legally play and copy music. Royalties keep the music coming and ensure the industry’s future.  And that’s what we all want to hear.
What we do

APRA AMCOS has 87,000+ members across New Zealand and Australia who are songwriters, composers and music publishers.  We license organisations to play, perform, copy, record or make available our members’ music, and we distribute the royalties to our members.

We are affiliated with similar collecting societies around the world. So when New Zealand and Australian songs and compositions are performed overseas, New Zealand and Australian writers get paid. We also help music customers in New Zealand and Australia access music from the rest of the world.

We also advocate on behalf of music creator's rights and the New Zealand music industry locally, nationally and internationally. Our Ambassador Program includes influential music creators from all genres. They partner with us to promote the importance of music creators’ rights and our role in administering those rights to all levels of government, the media and the wider community. We also consult frequently with our Ambassadors to seek their input on issues affecting our members.

APRA AMCOS is one organisation 

Before 1997, we used to be two separate organisations. In response to feedback from music creators and music customers that they'd rather deal with one organisation, in 1997, APRA and AMCOS formed an alliance that would allow us to deliver a one-stop service to music creators and music customers.   

We have a long and proud history of representing music creators in New Zealand. 

APRA, the Australasian Performing Right Association Limited (APRA) was established in 1926 to manage the performance and communication rights of its members. This covers music that is communicated or performed publicly including on radio, television, online, live gigs in pubs and clubs etc.

AMCOS, the Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society Limited (AMCOS) was established in 1979 to manage “mechanical royalties”, that is, the reproduction or copying and storage of music in different formats. This covers copying of songs and compositions by record labels or other parties to sell them on CD, DVD, online, for use as production music and for radio/TV programs. 

Today APRA AMCOS covers all these rights and uses of music, for both local and international songs, for the benefit of music creators and music customers.

We are authorised by the ACCC

APRA’s membership, licensing, distribution and international arrangements have been authorised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) for around 15 years . We choose to seek authorisation from the ACCC because we represent the interests of songwriters and music publishers collectively and we recognise that this may give rise to competition issues under the Competition and Consumer Act. 

In June 2014, the ACCC granted APRA its current authorisation of five years, after finding our arrangements bring a public benefit that outweighs any potential public detriment. A copy of the ACCC’s determination can be found here.

We adhere to the Collecting Society Code of Conduct

APRA AMCOS chooses to subscribe to a voluntary Code of Conduct that provides a framework of best practice for copyright collecting societies. The Code outlines how we must protect the interests of our members and licensees. We must also treat them fairly, honestly, impartially and courteously in accordance with our constitution.

Each year since the Code was introduced in 2002, the independent Code Reviewer - currently the former Federal Court judge, The Hon K E Lindgren AM, QC - has reviewed our conduct against our obligations under the Code. We are pleased to say that each year the Code Reviewer has found us to be compliant with the Code. 

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