What are the Awards for?

The Awards are intended to help emerging songwriters/composers attend songwriter workshops, music education courses, composer seminars, participate in co-writing opportunities and attend other relevant activities either domestically or internationally. Activities that will develop their career in songwriting/composing.

Can I use it to pay for PR or Marketing?

The Awards are not intended for paying for professional services – they are for developing your own. This includes purchasing of equipment, i.e. cameras or computers – the Awards are not for covering equipment costs, unless they are intrinsically linked to your educational requirements.

When do we find out if we've been successful or not?

All Applicants will be notified of the outcome by 31 May 2021.

I am in a band – can the band submit an application?

Applications are only available for individual songwriters/composers – although the band’s music will be considered, the individual songwriter’s application responses will be considered alone. Additionally, prizes will be provided to the individual alone.

My songs won’t be mastered until after the deadline, can I provide updated tracks when they are available?

All applications will be considered final and complete when submitted – as we must adhere to strict deadlines in terms of judging, we cannot replace files within an application after the closing deadline. However, our judging criteria places importance more on the content of the application than the recording quality of the submitted pieces.

Why do I need to provide proof of ID?

To ensure that all applicants adhere to the terms and conditions, proof of ID is required to ensure that applications are directly from the applicant in question. If you are under 18, you will need a scanned letter of authority from your parent or guardian which can be found here.

Why do I need to provide a bio and photo?

This information may be published online and/or in print if your application is shortlisted and/or you are a winner.

Is my information secure online?

The PDA application form and all submitted materials are stored on a highly secure server that ensures privacy and security for all APRA AMCOS data. Your application will only be viewed by select APRA AMCOS staff and the Judging Panel.

I am a Screen composer (for film, tv, gaming etc) what files of examples shall I supply?

Please provide audio-visual samples of your work – a showreel if you have one. These samples can be pre-existing or created for entry – they should not exceed 5minutes in duration. Additionally, Screen entrants are encouraged to provide scores where available for the submitted pieces.

I've already released an album and/or have a record deal. Can I apply? 

You sure can. The Professional Development Awards are intended to help songwriters and composers move into the next phase of their musical careers. Make sure you use your application to tell us how winning will help you do this.

I'm an artist manager. Can I submit an application on behalf of a songwriter I represent?

You can, but please ensure that you complete all fields with the writer's name and details, not yours. We do also want to hear directly from our writer members about how an Award will support their development, so the responses should come from them.

Do I apply for the PDA in New Zealand or Australia?

As an APRA AMCOS Member you can apply for either – dependant on where you are a legal resident. To enter the New Zealand 2021 PDAs, you must be a citizen or a legal resident in New Zealand for a minimum of 2years on 1 July 2021.

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