Bringing Back the Magic - Song Writing Workshop with Jennifer Zea

Creativity through journaling: Songwriting through self-awareness

Have you ever experienced the blank page?
Or lost connection with the work produced?

We all have the capability of unfolding creatively but sometimes it may not be a simple show on demand. It is not a matter of making the material come from somewhere else, but of unblocking the obstacles to its natural flow.

This workshop will give you the basis of the habits of highly creative people.

You will learn to:

• Discover and overcome your obstacles
• Follow your intuition: how to trust your own creative process
• Write with depth and originality
• Deliver with emotional impact
• Shape ideas into songs

Jennifer Zea is an engaging and powerful speaker. She has been studying the creative process in different fields for the last 10 years and has developed The Creative Workshops, a Centre of training and coaching to reveal creative potential in all of us. More info at

Course facilitator and artist across several disciplines, Jennifer is a French-Venezuelan performer and recording artist, writer and leisure painter for over 20 years.

Her influences are as varied as her background, from her early years living in Detroit to her collaboration with artists like Nathan Haines, Kevin Field and many others in New Zealand, she currently works in a diversity of musical projects ranging from Heavy Metal to Ska, Latin Jazz and Hip-Hop.

Her solo album The Latin Soul has been nominated for best jazz album 2013 as well as Best Roots album 2013 for her Sonido of Latinaotearoa album, in the Latinaotearoa band.

This is a free workshop, but RSVP is essential.  Click here to RSVP now.

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Event Info

23 Jul 2014

APRA AMCOS Office - Unit 113, Zone 23, 23 Edwin Street, Mt Eden, Auckland

6 - 8pm


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