Members Disputes

We can help our members resolve disputes they may have with other writers or publishers. 

We provide a low-cost way of settling differences with the APRA AMCOS Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service.

ADR brings in a mediator to help the parties identify the disputed issues, develop options, consider alternatives and try to reach an agreement. We also offer ADR using an expert to make a determination.

We subsidise the ADR program to keep the cost down. It operates within the following guidelines.

  • ADR is intended to help members without access to other ways of resolving disputes.
  • There is a threshold: the disputed work must have been allocated $200 (to avoid disputes over non-earning works)
  • A work cannot be referred to ADR if it has been registered for more than three years. (That is the last date on which distributions can be changed).
  • ADR isn’t appropriate for large catalogue disputes between publishers. We offer other ways of resolving such disputes.
  • Mediation days are allocated throughout the year with one mediator appointed from a panel for all disputes on a particular day. The panel of mediators is not restricted to lawyers.
  • Members will have to demonstrate the validity of their claim in a statutory declaration.
  • If a dispute is resolved at mediation, the settlement will be signed by the members on the day. If the dispute cannot be resolved, APRA AMCOS plays no further role in the dispute or its resolution.
  • Disputing members must pay an administration fee of $100 plus GST.

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Email or phone 0800 69 2772

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