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As you may be aware, APRA AMCOS has partnerships with more than 90 performing rights organisations (PROs) around the world. Through these organisations, we collect performance royalties on your behalf, and pay you when your works are performed overseas.

Like most countries around the world, Australia only has one PRO - APRA. In the USA however, there are multiple PROs, and APRA AMCOS has reciprocal agreements with three: ASCAP, BMI and SESAC.

What does this mean for writers?

If you start to earn royalties in the USA through the live performance or broadcast of your works, one of these PROs will act on behalf of APRA AMCOS to manage your rights. As your works can only be registered with one PRO, you can choose whether your rights are designated through ASCAP, BMI or SESAC.

It is important to be aware that choosing a USA PRO for this purpose will not change your APRA membership, and all your royalties, including overseas income, will continue to be paid by APRA AMCOS. Our agreements with international affiliates simply mean that we can offer you a number of options.

How do I choose?

It’s 100% your choice, so do some research on each PRO: ASCAP, BMI SESAC.

As soon as you start earning royalties in the USA through live performance or broadcast, you have one month to notify us of your chosen PRO otherwise your works will automatically be designated through ASCAP.

When you have made a decision, notify the APRA AMCOS Member Services team. Note that changing PROs at a later date can be a lengthy and complicated process.

What if I have a publishing deal?

Firstly, it’s important to notify APRA AMCOS when you sign any kind of publishing deal. This ensures we can correctly manage your rights. 

If you have a publishing deal in the USA (which includes sub-publishing agreements), it’s likely that your USA publisher will have a preferred PRO. This means your publisher will register your works through one PRO and your works will be paid from that PRO.

If you would prefer to designate your works through a different PRO, please contact the APRA AMCOS Member Services team to discuss your options.

If your publishing deal does not include the USA, you can choose a USA PRO as above, and advise APRA AMCOS of your choice.

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Get in touch with the APRA AMCOS Member Services team if you have any questions about designating your rights in the USA.

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