Help may be available if you are suffering financial difficulties or need to access your pipeline of royalties. 

An ‘advance’ is a pre-payment of royalties. Usually an advance is paid by a record company to an artist, or by a publisher to a songwriter. An advance is paid back via the label or publisher retaining royalty earnings until the advance amount has been recouped. Similarly, some Performing Rights Organisations (PROs) can pay members an advance against their future forecasted royalty earnings. 

Writer members can contact APRA AMCOS to discuss an advance, whether it relates to financial difficulties or other reasons, as we may be able to fast track pipeline royalties to you. Advances are typically contingent on a history of earnings and a proven ability to recoup any advance payment. 

For enquiries about advances from APRA AMCOS and the eligibility criteria, please contact Head of NZ Operations, Anthony Healey. Email

The MusicHelps Benevolent Fund provides emergency financial packages to those whose situations and credentials meet their eligibility criteria for assistance. Find out how to apply.

Advance payments may also be available to publishers. Please see AMCOS Distribution Rules for more information. 

Introducing Waiata Anthems Week Sept 6th - 12th

26 Jul 2021

This September, Waiata Anthems Week will come to life with the release of a number of new recordings in te reo Māori and digital marketing campaign to celebrate the growing movement.

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Going Global Music Summit 2021

21 Jul 2021

A two-day boutique conference taking place once again at the renowned Roundhead Studios in Auckland Friday 17th September / Saturday 18th September

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