Register your works and upload your audio - Jingle Reports due 31 July

In order to pay royalties to composers or publishers of music used in advertisements - including commissioned jingles, general works licensed for use in commercials and production music (referred to below as jingles) - we need to know when the work has been broadcast.

In the past, all television and radio plays were self-reported, meaning we asked our members to let us know where their works were broadcast. Following extensive industry consultation with our Jingle Advisory Group, we have now moved to using music recognition technology to track plays in major metropolitan areas. 

This means that if you've had your jingles included in advertisements, you MUST register your works and upload audio files to our Online Portal for Uploading Songs (OPUS) to get paid.

The new system has been implemented to ensure accurate reporting and flow of royalties, and is the ONLY way we track plays in the following major metropolitan areas: 

  • New Zealand Radio: Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington
  • New Zealand TV: Auckland
  • Australian TV and Radio: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth

If your jingles are only played in areas outside of those listed above, you will still need to self-report

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Frequently asked questions
Find out more about the new jingle reporting system in our FAQs

Tips for using OPUS
Composer Rafael May shares his tips for a better upload

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