Do you create music?
We can help you make money from your music. It’s free to sign up and once you do, we can:
  • Give all kinds of businesses – from radio and TV channels through to cafes and schools - permission to play, perform, copy, record or make available your music.

  • Collect payments from businesses for this use of music.

  • Pay you royalties for identified use of your music.

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Learn from the best

We exist to support you, our members. So when you become a member, you’ll also join our music community of 87,000 songwriters and composers collectively.

We run networking and industry events to educate and connect you with your music industry peers; our staff can give you expert advice on your royalties; and we offer competitions and professional development opportunities to support your music career. Keep an eye on our calendar for details.

Discounts and deals just for you

As a member of APRA AMCOS, you can access exclusive offers and discounts on everything from studio time to insurance, through our member benefits program.

Member Benefits

Your membership options

Depending on how your music is used, you can sign up for:

Option 1 Just our APRA performing and communication rights administration service (excludes copying).
Option 2

Once we represent your performing and communication rights, you can also sign up for our mechanical rights administration service, AMCOS - this covers the copying of your music.

See if you're eligible for APRA AMCOS membership here.

What's best for you?

Choose Option 1

if you write original music and you perform live or your music is broadcast on radio or television or available on a commercial digital music service.

Choose Option 2

if your music is copied into film soundtracks or TV programs or available on a commercial digital music service. This option gives us permission to license both your performing and mechanical rights.

Note: if you are signed to a music publisher, in most cases your publisher will manage your mechanical rights for you so you just need to sign up to Option 1.

Things to consider
  • If all your works are published, your publisher will collect the royalties your works generate and forward them to you.
  • If you have works that are unpublished, you may collect royalties on those works directly from whoever reproduced the recording. Usually the record company.
  • If you have works that are unpublished you may also opt to have us collect mechanical royalties on your behalf.

Keep in mind that our mechanical royalty collection service cannot and does not play the role of a music publisher. Music publishers are an integral part of the music industry. Find out more about music publishing here. If you’re already signed to a music publisher, any mechanical royalty distributions from us are subject to your publishing contract.


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If your name isn’t on there but you think you've already earned royalties, don’t stress. Contact our member services team.

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