We can represent your performing and communication rights through APRA if:  

  • you are the original creator of a musical work
  • you are an arranger of non-copyright works
  • your work is publicly performed or broadcast
  • you are ordinarily a resident in New Zealand, Australia or a South Pacific nation; and
  • you are not currently a member of another performing right society

We can represent your mechanical rights through AMCOS if:  

  • You are a copyright owner of musical works
  • You have applied for APRA writer membership
  • At least one of your works has been released on a recording for sale to the public or has been reproduced on a production music recording.
  • You are ordinarily resident in New Zealand, Australia or the Pacific.

That's it! Just remember - if you write songs and compositions with other people, they'll have to join up separately.  

Keep in mind that our mechanical royalty collection service cannot and does not play the role of a music publisher. Music publishers are an integral part of the music industry. Find out more about them here. If you’re already signed to a music publisher, any mechanical royalty distributions from us are subject to your publishing contract. 

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Successor Membership

As the duration of copyright extends beyond a composer's lifetime, royalties continue to be generated after a composer's death. APRA AMCOS is able to pay royalties for the works of a deceased member to their legal successor (i.e. the beneficiary to the deceased estate). Successors are required to complete an application form and provide documentation to confirm their eligibility. If you wish to apply for Associate Membership of APRA or AMCOS as a successor member, or if you require more information, please contact us.

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