Tell us when your music is used overseas.

Each international affiliated society has its own distribution rules and practices that determine how they collect and distribute royalties. Some of these practices include self-claiming – that is, you need to report the performance or usage in order to claim a royalty for it.

Live performances

APRA AMCOS uses self-reporting schemes for live performances (Performance Reports), and most international organisations follow this practice.

To claim live performances in foreign territories, please complete the appropriate form.

Most details requested are mandatory for a claim to be processed by the receiving organisation, but if you’re missing any details, get in touch with us for assistance

Music used in advertisements

Music that is used in an advertisement on television or radio is also usually self-reported. Some affiliated societies don’t distribute on advertisements. You can claim for your music when used as a jingle here or grab further info in this guide.

If your music is used in a television show or film, broadcast usages are generally paid automatically, but you can report this usage via our Overseas Broadcast form and we can look into it for you.

For other performances, please contact your Writer Services representative who can provide tailored advice.

While we are bound by affiliated societies’ licensing and distribution practices, subject to international standards, you can rest assured that APRA AMCOS works hard to collect royalties when your works are used overseas.

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