Chaos offers 10%* off its huge catalogue of Music, DVDs, Books and Games for APRA members.

This offer also extends to The CAN, an independent worldwide physical and digital distribution service for musicians and filmmakers. Register now with a 10% discount! More information on The Can can be found here.

Established in dark ages of Internet back in 1995, is Australia’s leading online entertainment store offering a huge catalogue of new release and hard to find CDs, DVDs, Books, games and more for discerning entertainment lovers. Chaos staff are focused on delivering the best in music and entertainment to its online community throughout the world. We offer the right mix of deep catalogue, attention to detail, competitive pricing and friendly accessible customer service. Chaos aims to facilitate the connection of creators and fans everywhere. is based in Melbourne and provides a unique independent voice in online music.

Much more than an online store, Chaos Agents gain access to:

  • A catalogue of over 1 million CDs, DVDs, games, books and much more
  • Artist/product information
  • Alert services
  • Publishing facilities for Chaos Agents to add reviews
  • The latest entertainment news and reviews
  • Weekly newsletters incorporating genre specific information
  • Exclusive offers, discounts and competitions

Just use your APRA member number to order through Chaos and get 10% off.

*Conditions apply.

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