What is the best thing about making music?
For me making music has given many benefits to my life. It gives me a release from frustrations, and a way of highlighting the highs and lows of living. Also, it gives an opportunity to express your views and opinions. Then there's the thrill of creating something totally original, which is brought to life when playing/performing with like-minded musicians.

What is the hardest thing about making music?
I don't find it hard to make music, and always seem to have new ideas and tunes in my head, (maybe not all chart toppers), however I enjoy the process. The hardest part is managing your time, especially when in a band with everybody so busy nowadays.

How important are public performance royalties to you and in keeping the NZ music world ticking?
Royalties have not played a significant part of my musical career, so far, but the rewards from streaming and downloading is so low now that it would be very hard to make a living without extensive live touring. Also you would have to be in the top tier of the music world.

From strumming / humming / creating the first notes of a song through to a completed mastered recording, on average how long does it take you to write and record a song?
It probably takes on average around 2 months, to completely finish a song, and because now we have our own recording equipment, we are getting quicker, however, we are still nutting our way through Protools, but it is getting easier with practice.

All costs considered, on average how much does it cost you to write and record a song?
Now that we have our own recording studio it costs us very little to record a song, (mainly just a lot of our time). However initially we had an outlay of approximately $1500 for a 2nd hand Mac, program, mixer, and various leads mics etc.

Why do you do what you do – why do you make music?
I think I have a natural gift for songwriting, and enjoy the process from getting the chords and tunes to suit the lyrics or vice versa. Also it has helped me over the last few years to get through some very traumatic personal tragedies, as part of a healing process.

What is the most helpful songwriting tip you’ve learnt?
A tip. It wasn't really a tip. I was a singer, but always tried to learn to play guitar, (unsuccessfully). About 7 years ago, I asked an expert guitarist friend to teach me how to play. Finally exasperated, he told me I should be writing my own songs, because I couldn't play anybody else's. So from then on I stopped playing covers, and played my own songs.

What are three artists / bands you are excited about at the moment?
I'm always drawn towards artists who are original and true to themselves, without following what's trendy. Therefore I like Ed Sheeran, Imagine Dragons, Nick Jonas, and of course, our band, "MARNEE MAYHEM", because I feel we also have our own sound.

What are you working on at the moment / tell us about your latest release / project?
I am working on 2 songs at present, each of which is completely different from the other. One is called 'Let's Fight', which is short and sharp at a frenetic pace, and the other 'Justine' is a 'boppy' riff composed by our guitarist, to which I am adding lyrics, hooks etc. Also we are excited that we have a professional photographer who is inspired by our music and wants to make a video for us and to air it on his own Youtube channel, completely free of charge.

Where can we access your music / links?
My music can be found on many digital platforms. My main concentration at present is on our new band web site; www.marneemayhem.com I also have an older profiles on; www.starnow.com/brianladyman www.soundcloud.com/thedegeneration www.radioairplay.com/JOEB and songs which can be streamed or downloaded from CD BABY.

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