What is the best thing about making music?

Rob - Connecting with other people, and myself.
Charlotte - Feeling at home, a happy combination of head, heart and physicality.

What is the hardest thing about making music?

Rob - Being honest to yourself and the idea you want to express
Charlotte - Matching the reality with what I imagine.

How important are public performance royalties to you and in keeping the NZ music world ticking?

Rob - LPRs re a nice little hit. I don't get a whole lot, but when I do it's good.
Charlotte - All monies gratefully received.

From strumming / humming / creating the first notes of a song through to a completed mastered recording, on average how long does it take you to write and record a song?

Rob - It varies. Sometimes, it's instant and other times, it can take years.
Charlotte - What he said.

All costs considered, on average how much does it cost you to write and record a song?

Rob- Creative process costs nothing except blood sweat and tears but production process varies from recording live to putting something together at home but my preference is working in high end studios with other people pushing the buttons.
Charlotte - Creativity is the cost of living. I have a project studio so that's rent and lease costs monthly. Mastering is usually $1-200/song. Getting other folks in to perform or mix raises expenses depending on the project.

Over and above money you make from music (public performance royalties, live performance, licensing and CD / digital sales), do you have to supplement the cost of writing and recording music with money you make from other sources?

Rob - Absolutely.
Charlotte - Yes, but I'm able to keep in the music milieu so coaching, mentoring or composing for moving image supplements those costs.

Why do you do what you do – why do you make music?

Rob - Because I have to
Charlotte - Compulsion, normality.

What is the most helpful songwriting tip you’ve learnt?

Rob - Get it out on paper as quickly as possible
Charlotte - Write daily.Lots of crap to grow the crop. ( hard to follow it though....)

What are three artists / bands you are excited about at the moment?

Rob - The Pixies, Tomahawk, Ara
Charlotte - Prince, SJD - St John Divine, Warren Maxwell's eternal renaissance

What are you working on at the moment / tell us about your latest release / project?

Rob - My second album.
Charlotte - Developing new material for a new project once we come off touring.

Where can we access your music / links?

Rob - www.robthorne.co.nz
Charlotte - www.charlotteyates.com

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