Thinking about becoming a publisher member?


If you have formed a publishing company and wish to become a publisher member, please ensure the following actions have taken place:

  1. You have registered and are operating a bona fide music publishing business in Australia, New Zealand and/or a South Pacific Nation.
  2. You must have a signed standard publishing agreement with a minimum of one writer who is a member of APRA or an affiliated international PRO (Performing Rights Organisation), or who has a signed sub-publishing agreement with a foreign publisher that represents a minimum of one writer who is a member of an affiliated international PRO.
  3. You control copyright in a minimum of one work which has been recorded for commercial release or published in some other form (by right of above publishing agreement).
  4. You must have a local bank account located in Australia, New Zealand or a South Pacific Nation.
  5. You can provide a Certificate of Registration of a Business Name or Company from ASIC or the NZ Companies Office, which must match the company/business name on your application.
  6. The ‘status’ of your ABN, IRD or NZBN on your application must be active/registered and cannot change once elected.
  7. You can provide a document listing the names, email addresses and phone numbers of the office holders of the Company. We will also expect details on legal songwriter agreements with writers.


Before applying, you must register with APRA all the agreements you have with your writers. It is also expected that you register each one of your writers’ works that you control, on an ongoing basis. Your agreements must outline:

  1. The term of your agreement (start/end dates)
  2. Your entitlement, if any, to the collection of royalties prior to start date
  3. The territories covered under your agreement
  4. Whether you are to cover the general catalogue or specific works (you must provide the list of specific works)
  5. The writer/publisher split (for performing rights your publishing company cannot claim greater than 50%)
  6. What rights are covered under your agreement, for example:
    • Performing—public performance/ communication of a song through live performance, broadcast on radio, TV, download, streamed
    • Mechanical—song reproduced in physical/digital form via CD, vinyl, download, streamed
    • Synchronisation—song used in conjunction with moving picture/film
    • Print—song printed into sheet music

If you are confident that you need to become a publisher member and have all the required documents, please visit the following link to receive an application form:

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