SongHubs Releases:


MAALA - Kind of Love, written by Evan Sinton, Mel Parsons, Sam de Jong, and Mozella.

Mitch James - All The Ways To Say Goodbye, written by Mitch James, Emily Warren, Nik Brinkman, and Sam de Jong.

Louis Baker - Addict, written by Louis Baker, Josh Fountain, Em Haley Walker, and Sacha Skarbek

Ecca Vandal - Future Heroine, written by Ecca Vandal, Possum Plows, and Mike Elizondo

Diaz Grimm - Foreigners, written by Diaz Grimm, Raiza Biza, Iva Lamkum, and Mike Elizondo

Ciaran McMeekan - That Feeling, written by Ciaran McMeekan and Mozella

Woodes - Change My Mind, written by Elle Graham, Marley Sola, Jamie McDell, and Alex Wildwood

Chelsea Jade- Pitch Dark, written by Chelsea Jade, Sam De Jong, Ecca Vandal, and Emily Warren

Theia- Bad Idea, written by Theia, L-Fresh the Lion, Jacob Grant, and Mike Elizondo

Theia- Bye Bye, written by Theia, Vince Harder, L-Fresh the Lion and Mike Elizondo

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