Many businesses use background music supplied by professional companies that specialise in the field of music curation. If you supply music to businesses you will require the permission of the copyright owners of the music you supply.  
Copying music to supply your customers with either background music services and/or music on hold - or if you choose to copy music from CDs and/or a digital service for use in your own business - you require a licence from OneMusic. One Music is a joint initiative between APRA AMCOS and Recorded Music NZ that administers the public performance and limited copying of music. For more information regarding OneMusic and the OneMusic dubbing licence click here.

If you supply music services to the public and those services include featured music, additional licences may be required. We would define featured music services where the music included is not background and is interactive with the public or those performing it. It may include (but not be limited to) music supplied for Games and Quiz evenings (or any other service where the music is featured) you will need additional licences from AMCOS and the owners of the sound recordings used in the service.

For more information on AMCOS reproduction licences, please contact 

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