We issue licences to broadcasters that allow them to both broadcast music, as well as reproduce music into productions they create.

Our broadcast licence authorises the broadcast of all works in our repertoire on the broadcaster’s service. In return for the licence, broadcasters pay a licence fee and provide us with music returns and cue sheets to help us identify the music they have broadcast.  

Our reproduction licence authorises the reproduction of music into the programming a broadcaster creates. 

Our broadcast and reproduction licences are tailored according to the type of broadcaster, and their music use – we offer separate licence schemes for Community and Commercial broadcasters.

Commercial Television

We offer both broadcast and reproduction licences to commercial television stations. Commercial television services include the TVNZ, TV3, Sky & MTS networks.

The broadcast licence is based on the station's share of gross advertising revenue, or in the case of subscription based revenue, a sum per subscriber, per month. The reproduction licence is an annual blanket fee, negotiated with each station as a result of their music use.

For further information or to apply for a licence please email us or call us on 0800 69 2772.

Community Television

Community broadcasting services are provided for community services and are not operated for profit or as part of a profit-making enterprise. We offer both broadcast and reproduction licences to community television stations.

For further information or to apply for a licence please email us or call us on 0800 69 2772.

Are you a production company making programs for a broadcaster?

Using music in television programs requires the approval from all copyright holders for all songs you wish to use. Television programs usually use a mix of production music, commercially released songs as well as music written specifically for use in program, such as titles music.  For more information regarding using music in your television program click here.

Music reporting - cue-sheets

We collect information from content producers regarding what music they have used in their productions to ensure that we can pay the songwriters whose works have been used. If you have recently completed a production and need to submit a cue-sheet click here to login to our online facility.

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