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Prefix LABEL
A7 Atlantic Seven
AAM Audio Addiction Music
ACL Aircraft
AD Adrenalin Production Music Library
ADV Adrenalin Vocals
AML Active
AMT Amplitude
APD Apollo Decades
APF Apollo Frontrunners
APLS Apollo Lifestyle
APL Apollo Live
APO Apollo Organic
APV Apollo Vocals
AS Artist Series
A-TEN A-Tension
ATO Atomica Music
AURL Auralation Music Library
BCT Beatclock Trax
BDM Build Destroy Music
BLM Black Label Productions
BLP BL Productions
BOOM Boom Music
BPM Kyle Newmaster
BPM Music Freak Records
BPM Runaway Records
BZT Bonzai Trax
CAT Catapult Music
CAV Cavendish Music
CCB Cezame Carte Blanche
CDM Clearside
CEG Cezame Global Investigation
CEO Cezame Original Score
CET Cezame Trailers
CEV Cezame Virtuel
CEZ Cezame
COR Cordovan Music
CP Catch Phrase
CRKU Crack-Up Music
CTM Colossal Trailer Music
CYPT Cypher TM
DBM Down Boys Music
DDC Two Crowns Publishing
DGS Double G Studios Music
DHM Dark Horse Music
DHV Dark Horse Vocal
EKT Elekt Music
EOS Art Melodies
EPM Energize Production Music
ET Ear Tonic Music
EVOC Evocativity
FBMR Fantastic Beat Machine Records
FG Figure and Groove
FGAF Artist Friendly
FGMN Minimalism
FGP Presents
FHM Future Hits
FMCD FM Records
FOF 405 Music
FSD Forza Trailer & Sound Design
GM Groves Music
GMPM Grey Man Production Music
GMT Gum Motion Tracks
GN Good Neighbor Music
GNXT Gen Next
GSML George Shaw Music Library
GT Graffiti Tracks
GUM Gum Collection
HBM Hollywood Buzz Music
HML Handsome Music
HTM Hen's Teeth Music
IMP Impulsion
INTCD Intermede Music
ISTAND iStandard
JAMP Jammin' Planet
JAS John Andrew Schreiner Music
JB Jim Bacchi Catalog
KAT Kool Kat Music
KCM King Caffeine Music
KON Konsonant Music
KONB Konsonant Music B
LE Loud Ear Music
LH Lab Hits
LHN Lucas Cantor Library
LONE Lone Sound
MAG Magnetic Records
MBM Memory Box Music
MCCD Musical Concepts
MDM Methodic Doubt Music
MDM Methodic Premium
MEM Me Enemy Music
MFM Mucho Fruto Music
MFP Music For Productions - Library
MNL Minimalism
MODE Mode Production Music
MOVE Move Music
MRG Merge Music
MSU Musou Production Music
MXML Mexican Music Library
NKM Ninja Kitty Music
NWCD New World Music
OLMG Opening Line Music Group
OPUS01 Opus 1 Music Library
PB Premier Box Office
PSM Pilo and Smith
PT Premier Tracks
PT VOC Premier Tracks Vocals
PUR Pure
PURM Pure Music
RMC Resolution Music Collection
RPM Revolt Production Music
RS ROBA Series
RTM Rave Train Music
RV Revolution
RV Revolution Sound Design
RV Revolution U.S.
SA Sonic Addiction
SCL All Music Gallery
SCOR Score Suite
SCQ Soundiva Classical
SDCD Soundiva
SGT SurgeTrax
SIG Signal
SMX Smashtrax
SPRS Sparse Music
SPS Spot Society
SSN Super Sonic Noise
SSS Soul Studio 7
STYLE Style Trax
TOA Tree of Arts
TOA-C Tree of Arts Classics
TQE Torque Elements
TQM Torque Music
TS Telesongz
TSM Tape Stop Music
TT Teletunez
TWAS Twelvetones Art Series
TWPM Twelvetones Main Series
UCM UnderCurrents Music
UDU UpdownUp
UPM Unity Production Music Library
VC Vtown Cartel Music
VGM Velvet Green Music
WWM Wild Whirled Music
XCM Xueran Chen Music
ZIK Musique & Music
ZZZOPUS Opus 1 Music Library - Specialty Collection

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