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03M Zero3 Music
12T Twelve Titans Music
1VU 1 Versatile Underscore
4AS 411 Artist Series
4EW Exotic Worlds
4HS Hypersonic
4MG 411 Production Music Songs
4TM 411 Trailer Music
4US 411 Production Music Underscore
ABS Absolute Music
AFRO Sonoton Afro
ALGO Algo Records
ALIBI Alibi Music
ALL All Sorts Music
ALSO All Sorts (of) Drama
AM Amusicom
AMPS Amphonic
AMY Amygdala
ANGER Anger Music
ART Artsound
AT Apple Trax
ATOM Atom Music Audio
AUM Audiomachine
AUMT Audiomachine Sound Design
AVF Sound Stage
AZ (tbc) Avalon Zero
BAK Beats Bakery
BAMA BAM Artist Series
BBB Bing Bang Boom
BBX Beatbox
BEAT Beat Bites
BKM Black Knight Music
BLLM Brilliant Music
BNA Brave New Audio
BOM Blazed Out Music
BRFM Beta Rhythm Farm
BRO Brother Music
BWA Brickwall Audio
BXM Brand X Production Music
BXM Brand X Trailer Music
BXMT Brand X Theatrical
BXP Beat Xplosion
BZZ The Buzz
CFM Candy Flip
CLC Commercial Length Cuts
CLXY Fantasy Classical
CMX Confidential Music
CNS Commercials Non-Stop
CPM CosMind Production Music
CRB Crossbreed Music
CRV Cre8v
CS Cue Source Music
CSH Crush
CTM Cinemasounds Trailer Music
CTRX Cinetrax
DAM Digital Assassin Music
DAWG Big Dawg Music
DBX DramaBox
DGT Dig It Music
DMTK Drama Tracks
DR Datolite Records
DVM Digital Vision
EM Music Shop
EMG Elephant Music
EMT Music Shop
EN Epic North Music
EOS End Of Silence
EPC Epic
EPM Ear Parade Music
ESL Standard Music
ESLMB Musica Britannica
ET Future World Music
ETS Empire Trailer Series
EVS Evolving Sound
EZLY Fantasy Easy Listening
FA 5 Alarm Music
FCM Full Clip Music
FEXY Fantasy Film
FFP Fifth Floor
FFPSF Fifth Floor Songs
FFXY Fantasy FX
FN Fontana Music
FNCC Fontana Classical
FNV Fontana Music Virtual
FP Flash Point
FRM Frameworks Music
FUP Future Pop
FWM Future World Music
GAR Gargantuan Music
GCR Gargantuan Creative
GHOST (tbc) Ghostwriter Music
GHY Gothic Hybrid
GOTHIC Gothic Storm Music
GT, TREDE Sonoton Archival
GTW Gothic Storm's Toolworks
GZM Green Zebra Music
HL Hyperlocal
HMT Dos Brains Heavy Melody Trailers
HP Dos Brains Heavy Promos
HTM Heliotrope Music
HTO Here Tomorrow Music
IDOCS Fantasy iDocs
IGM Integration Music
IIAD If It Ain't Dutch
IMG Imagine Music
IMM Immortal Music
IMYR I Miss You Records
INP Indie Production Music
INV Invictus
IPM In-spired Production Music
ISCD Intersound
ITM Impact Trailer Music
JW JW Media Music
JWCD JW Media Music
JWV JW Vault Collection
LAE L.A. Edition
LBR Lesterbeat Records
LHS Library of the Human Soul, The
LSF Last Sonic Frontier
LT Live Trax
LUV Temp Love Music
LVM Lovely Music
MESS Messina Masters
MIM Minimal TV
MMP Metro Music Production Library
MNM Minim
MOT Motus Music
MOTB Music Outside the Box
MPM Manhattan Production Music
MQ Marquee Music
MS Megasonics
MSO Music Shop Online
MUM Made Up Music
MUSE Motion Muse
MX Megatrax
NINJA Ninja Tracks
NLM 9 Lives Music
NLV Nelvana
NPM Noise Pump Music
OMBD (BD old) Blue Dot
OMCD Omnimusic
PC Point Classics
PFW Postcards From The World
PMOL Production Music Online
PNBP Pennybank Profiles
PNBT Pennybank Tunes
PRCD Primrose Music
QF Q Factory
RAVE Ravenwood Music
RED RedCola
RESL Really Slow Motion
RGL Ridgeline Music
ROCK Sonoton Rockshop
ROG Dos Brains Rogue Souls
RRM Records Room Music
RSM Reliable Source Music
SAS Sonoton Authentic Series
SAV Sound Adventures
SCD Sonoton
SCDV Sonoton Vanguard
SEXY Fantasy Production Music
SIIX SIIX Trailer Music
SIL Dos Brains Silver Screen
SIS Source in Sync
SJM Song Junkies
SN Sensacion
SONG Songcraft
SONIA Sonoton Classical (Sonia)
SOT Sonic Tremor
SOZ Sonic OZault
SPRE Sprint Edge
SPRT Sprint
SSA Soundscape Agency
SSY Sonic Symphony
STORY Sync Stories
STT Sonoton Trailer Tracks
STTV Sonoton Trailer Tracks Virtual
STYE Songs To Your Eyes
SUM Sauce Music
SUPI SuperPitch
SUPIAS SuperPitch Artist Series
SUPIDR SuperPitch Drama
SUPIE SuperPitch Entertainment
SUPIEP SuperPitch EP
SURE Sonoton Surefire
SUW Straight Up! World
SVL Spice Vocals
TD Track Distillery
TFJ The Funky Junkies
THH The Hit House
THRD Dos Brains Third Rail
TIN Tonal Injection Library
TMA The Music Assembly
TRXP TRX Production
TS The Scene
TSM Theta Sound Music
TT Trailer Trash
TXF The X-Motion
UGM Underground Music
VAD Vadzimu
WCM Westar Classical
WSR Westar Music
XIT X-It Music
YT Your Tune

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