3 international guests, 12 local songwriters, 4 producers, 5 days in Roundhead Studio, and a whole lotta magic...

Songhubs 2017 was another brilliant week, and proved once again that collaboration and co-writing in an intensive environment can produce some absolute gold dust.

Bringing together top line international songwriters with Kiwi and Australian artists, Songhubs packs small, revolving groups of people into five different studio spaces at Roundhead Studios over the course of a week, encouraging them to write a new song each day.In 2016 we were lucky enough to have platinum-selling and Grammy Award winning writers Mozella, Sacha Skarbek, and Lindy Robbins traveling from the US and UK to share their expertise and songwriting talents.

In 2017 we had even more big guns coming to Auckland to dive into the local music scene. Platinum selling and Grammy Award winning writers Mike Elizondo (US), Emily Warren (US) and James Newton (UK) proved to be incredible top-liners.

Mike Elizondo is perhaps best known for his work with Eminem, co-writing number 1 hit The Real Slim Shady, along with much of the rest of The Marshall Mathers LP. But his co-writing credits range far and wide, from hip hop greats Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg, to Twenty One Pilots, Maroon 5, Tegan & Sarah, Regina Spektor, and two of New Zealand’s favourite songbirds, Gin Wigmore, and Kimbra.

Emily Warren is having a stellar year, having helped The Chainsmokers win a Grammy yesterday for Don't Let Me Down, as well as achieving international stardom and chart success (they’re currently sitting at #5 and #16 in the NZ Top 40). Warren has not only co-written three songs with the American DJ duo, but her vocals also feature on two tracks – Until You Were Gone, and Paris. Aside from that she’s worked with Jessie J, Shawn Mendez, 5 Seconds of Summer, Tiesto, Fifth Harmony, Sean Paul, and a host of others.

James Newman is the unassuming older brother of rising British dance-soul star John Newman, and has spent the past few years working as a key collaborator with Rudimental (for which he won a Brit Award), as well as working with Calvin Harris, Ella Eyre, and David Guetta, while also working on his own material, which looks set to be released this year.

We also have local hip hop and pop producer star Pete Wadams aka P-Money joining the team. P-Money is known for his many collaborations, including his current smash hit with Starley Hope, Call On Me (which is in the Top 10 throughout Europe and has had more than 230 million streams), plus chart topping classics written with Scribe, Vince Harder, and Akon, as well as his own work as a producer and songwriter.

And the talented New Zealand and Australian artist who were invited to come and work alongside them were:
Benny Tipene
Chelsea Jade
Dave Baxter
Diaz Grimm
Ecca Vandal
Iva Lamkum
Mitch James
Nik Brinkman
Possum Plows
Raiza Biza

They were all assisted by three outstanding New Zealand producers, Josh Fountain, Sam De Jong, and Djeisan Suskov. Check out Amanda Ratcliffe's wonderful photos of this amazing week in the studio!

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