Don't leave money on the table - how to claim what's yours

Thursday, 15 Feb 2018

New and longtime members alike, we've pulled together a quick refresher on claiming what's yours! 

To make sure you get paid for your hard work, it is vital that you register your works via the writer portal. Then we know it exists.

From there, depending on where and how your music gets used, we ask that you provide key details of certain activity. Bookmark our Report Music Use page, it's a treasure trove of resources, forms, and links covering important areas of music usage and performance.

Is your music being used in an ad? Upload it, report it, claim it.

  • Metro areas AU & NZ - you must upload your song:
    • Whether it is a commercially-released song being used in an ad or music specifically made for an ad, it is considered a jingle.
    • Use OPUS (Online Portal For Uploading Songs) to upload the audio, this way we can identify and match it to what was broadcast.
    • Read the OPUS guide for writers or OPUS guide for publishers
    • Upload all versions of the music being used in the ad. Do not include audio with voice over. Read the tips!
    • Upload to get paid quarterly:
    • Performance Period  Payment Date  Audio uploaded by
      Jan-March 2020 Aug 2020 End of Feb 2020
      April-June 2020 Nov 2020 End of May 2020
      July-Sept 2020 Feb 2021 End of Aug 2020
      Oct-Dec 2020 May 2021 End of Nov 2020
  • Regional areas - you will need to self-report it
  • Overseas jingles - please complete the form

Are you playing gigs at the local pub, an English pub, or touring the US? Report it, claim it.

Does a big (or small) company want to use your work for music on hold? Claim it.

Are you an ambient composer selling music to therapists or other wellness businesses? Report it, claim it.

  • Annual deadline is 31 Aug

Is your work being used in some other kind of way? Ask us. Claim it.

  • There are uses that get categorised as 'unlogged' - e.g. cinema promos, festival/art installation - that fall outside our usual distribution channels.
  • Log it and we will investigate if it can be claimed. 

Remember, if you find out about your music being used after-the-fact, or you don't have quite all the information from a client or supplier, contact Member Services and we can discuss any quandary. Let's get to the bottom of it.

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