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Tash Sultana is a Melbourne based multi-instrumentalist with a rich history of breaking the mould. From busking in the streets to amassing hundreds of millions of streams, and wowing audiences with her virtuosic playing of over 20 instruments, Tash is at the forefront of the industry. 

The New Zealand leg of her 2018 tour saw some of Tash's most emotive and memorable performance - giving 4 talented Kiwi up and comers the chance to showcase their own songwriting prowess. We chatted to the openers about what it felt like to share the stage with musical royalty, as well as the ins and outs of the APRA performance royalty they received after the show. Check them out below:

Jaggers X Lines- Dunedin Town Hall, Dunedin 

Harry Parsons - Town Hall, Auckland 

Laura Lee Lovely - Horncastle Arena, Christchurch 

Josie Moon - Opera House, Wellington 

APRA AMCOS NZ works hard to ensure that songwriters receive the royalties they are entitled to. For events with a ticket price of over $35 like the Tash Sultana tour, the promoter of the event must take out an APRA event licence, based on a percentage of ticket revenue (currently 1.75% + GST).

The performers at the show (Tash Sultana and her opening act) submit their set lists to the promoter, who in turn passes these on to APRA.

The licence fee is divided evenly by the number of songs performed at the event, regardless of who played them, creating a per-song rate for that event.

The songwriters are paid for the public performance of their songs at the song rate determined for the event.

Sounds fairly straight forward? If you're still stuck you can read more about the ins and outs here.

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