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International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8th every year, calling for a more gender balanced world, and celebration of women's rights. In New Zealand, 2018 marked 125 years of suffrage, and while we continue to lead the way for women's rights in many areas of life, our music industry - just like the rest of the world's - remains plagued by a deep and persistent gender imbalance.

We are unbelievably excited for the debut of the Milk and Honey festivala fresh new festival with majority female performers and crew. The festival will operate in 4 cities, across 6 venues, on International Women's Day, to shine a light on our talented women both on stage and behind the scenes. The team behind Milk and Honey festival are Lani Purkis and Teresa Patterson, both with rich histories in the music industry, inspired by improving female visibility. 

We chatted to Carb on Carb about what it means to be part of an event that celebrates female, female identifying, trans and non-binary musicians in our diverse industry. 

Emo tour dogs Carb on Carb are Nicole and James from Tāmaki Makaurau. Their sophomore album ‘for ages’ was released mid-last year and echoes the many intimate community spaces the band have played throughout the world; basements in the US, living rooms in Australia, DIY venues in South East Asia and halls in rural New Zealand.

Milk and Honey Festival is coming around fast! Congratulations on the slot! Which location are you playing and who are you playing alongside?

We are playing at Whammy/Wine Cellar alongside Cheshire Grimm, Dead Little Penny, Chaii, Hex, Lexxa, October, Randa, Sami Sisters, Tooms, Wax Chattels and Vallkyrie! Its gonna be a really great night with so many of our faves! It's really great to see a festival focusing on prioritising women and gender minorites and also brimming with so many artists who are people of colour! 

Are you planning to debut any new material at the show?

We released our second album last year so we will be playing tracks off of 'For Ages' some which we've never played live before as well as some oldies!

Such a great album! Why is International Women’s Day important to you? Have you done anything to mark the day in previous years? 

International Womens Day is important to me because it gives the opportunity for women and gender minorities to be celebrated. I'm super excited to be a part of this worldwide day through this event that connects so many cities around New Zealand to celebrate all these amazing artists. 

Exactly- events like this that bring females so powerfully to the forefront, are catalysts of changing attitudes in our industry, particularly when it comes to the way promoters and booking agents think.

Why do you think it’s important to improve female visibility in music, particularly on stage?

The only reason I ever even considered playing music was because at a crucial time in my teenage years I saw myself represented on stage. I think it is so neccesary for our young women and gender minority youth to have role models through music. As a part of Girls Rock Aotearoa, I see this first hand, where these young people see themselves represented in the mentors, sound engineers, and in the bands. They feel like that space is somewhere where they can truly express themselves without fear of judgement. 

Girls Rock Aotearoa is a music camp for female, non-binary, and trans youth that you can learn more about HERE.

Did you have any crucial musical heroes growing up that shaped your career?

I grew up listening to Motown and RnB music which always had strong women artists. In my teen years I was really lucky to find the DIY punk music scene, where I went to many all ages shows that had diverse lineups and a strong positive and respectful culture. Coming across bands like Batrider, Bang! Bang! Eche! The Coolies and Street Chant showed me that it doesn't have to be a boys club in punk music. 

What’s next for you after Milk and Honey? Any other shows or releases we should keep a keen eye out for?

We'll be touring our latest music video for 'Man says', playing Hamilton's Future City Festival the day following Milk and Honey festival, and we've got a couple international tours lined up, including one in a country we've never been to before! 

Give us your top 5 anthems to play LOUD this International Womens Day

1. Dixie Chicks - Not ready to make nice

2. Mitski - Your best american girl

3. Queen Latifah - U.N.I.T.Y 

4. Liz Phair - Extraordinary 

5. Polyester - Magic


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