Lets Talk International Women's Day

Thursday, 28 Feb 2019

LETS talk- international women's day

International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8th every year, calling for a more gender balanced world, and celebration of women's rights.

In New Zealand, 2018 marked 125 years of suffrage, and while we continue to lead the way for women's rights in many areas of life, our music industry - just like the rest of the world's - remains plagued by a deep and persistent gender imbalance.

Only 21.9% of APRA AMCOS's members (songwriters and composers) identify as female. Less than 4% of our producers and sound engineers identify as female. Less than 10% of acts programmed in NZ music fesitvals identify as female. Yet our female artists punch repeatedly above their weight.

Not only is it important to recognise and discuss gender issues in our industry, and wider communities, it is also crucial to create change by taking action. 2019 brings the 'Milk and Honey Festival', breaking new ground in our country with majority female performers and crew. The festival will operate in 4 cities, across 6 venues, on International Women's Day, to shine a light on our talented women both on stage and behind the scenes. The team behind Milk and Honey festival are Lani Purkis and Teresa Patterson, both with rich histories in the music industry, inspired by improving female visibility. 

“We really wanted to create something where younger girls and women have someone to look up to and aspire to, and something where women are very clearly visible in all parts of the event.”  

- https://www.milkandhoneyfestival.com 

Milk and Honey Festival is a great example of people coming together to catalyze positive change, on a day that marks both where we have come from, and where we have left to go. We chatted to some of the incredible people involved with the Milk and Honey festival, about what it means to them to be a part of an event that celebrates female, female identifying, trans and non-binary musicians in our diverse industry. 




To hear each artists thoughts on International Women's Day, click their image above. 

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