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International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8th every year, calling for a more gender balanced world, and celebration of women's rights. In New Zealand, 2018 marked 125 years of suffrage, and while we continue to lead the way for women's rights in many areas of life, our music industry - just like the rest of the world's - remains plagued by a deep and persistent gender imbalance.

We are unbelievably excited for the debut of the Milk and Honey festivala fresh new festival with majority female performers and crew. The festival will operate in 4 cities, across 6 venues, on International Women's Day, to shine a light on our talented women both on stage and behind the scenes. The team behind Milk and Honey festival are Lani Purkis and Teresa Patterson, both with rich histories in the music industry, inspired by improving female visibility. 

We chatted to LEXXA about what it means to be a part of an event that celebrates female, female identifying, trans and non-binary musicians in our diverse industry. 

LEXXA are the proudly colourful twins Julia and Maude Morris. Experts at dreamy synth pop, these two will tear at your heartstrings with painfully relatable lyrics, and tinges of nostalgia that always leave you smiling.  They just opened the main stage at Rhythm and Vines for new years, and released a new single on valentines day that ticks all the boxes.

We are so thrilled to see you on the lineup for Milk and Honey Festival! You are playing alongside some amazing acts- who are you most excited for? 

YES we are so excited too! We are playing the Whammy/Wine Cellar show in Auckland along side so many amazing artists. Everyone is a highlight but we are especially looking forward to Randa, Chaii, October, and Wax Chattels.

Are you planning to debut any new songs at the show?

We have a few songs that almost no one has heard yet so it will be exciting to play some new material; Along with our latest single ‘slow fade out’ which just came out on valentine’s day (February 14th).

'Slow Fade Out' is such a bop! We are very proud to have another song written at SongHubs out as well!

Have you done anything special to mark International Women's Day in previous years? Celebrate womanhood in any way? 

Julia - I think it’s a super important day. The inequality that still exists is still so obvious but it’s also really nice to look back and see how far we have come. I played a solo show at my local a few years back before LEXXA even existed, to celebrate the day along with some other local musicians which was fun but this festival is next level! There are so many amazing, high calibre musicians, and such a powerful idea to have them all on the same night. 

Maude - We like to celebrate the woman before who have worked to get us where we are, the people that have inspired us, showed us that we can do it too. We still have a bit of a way to go in terms of equality though so it’s a good day to reflect on how we can be better as well. 

Events like this that provide a powerful female platform are catalysts of changing attitudes in our industry. Why do you think it’s important for women to be on stage and prominent in a live setting? 

Julia - We think it’s a bit of a cycle. Young woman/non-binary see people like them on stage and get inspired by it, and see that it’s actually something they could do as well. So many festivals still have such little representation. 

Maude - Yea, how are young girls and non-binary people supposed to see that they can do it if there isn’t anyone to look up to? Our country has so many amazing female\non-binary musicians who could easily play big slots on some of the festivals where those slots were all filled by males. Also, diversity is more interesting. It gets boring seeing the same thing over again. Change it up.

Did you have any female, female identifying, Trans, non-binary musical heroes growing up? How did they shape your career and the way you perceive the music industry in NZ?

Brooke Fraser was a big inspiration for us when we were about 12. We were all about that sing/songwriter vibes and she was the one we always put on first. Then we started playing with synths and more electric kind of production with artists like Ladyhawke who had a lot of influence on what we make now.

What’s next for you after Milk and Honey? Any other shows or releases we should keep a keen eye out for?

We are slowly working on a bigger project...Hopefully you will hear more about it sometime soon!

Give us your top 5 anthems to play LOUD this International Womens Day

1. Loud Speaker - Muna

2. Don’t Kill My Vibe - Sigrid

3.     PYNKJanelle Monáe 

4. Nameless, FacelessCourtney Barnett

5. The OpenerCamp Cope

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