Thursday, 23 Apr 2020


We’re delighted to announce, thanks to the generosity of the wonderful people at Entertainment Accounting, we’re now able to connect you to a senior accountant for a 20 minute phone call, for free. 

Lynda Parsons, Jeni Rowney, and Natallia Ramanchuk will be able to assist you with any questions you have about income and COVID-19 grants, particularly at this time, and how these may affect you in terms of taxation or other accountancy purposes. They’re also happy to answer general accountancy questions, and provide advice about best practices.

All phone calls will be treated as completely confidential. Any information shared is between the individual member and the accountant who is giving advice during this time only, and is subject to the confidentiality clauses which apply to their accountant contracts. 

If you would like to utilise this service and book in a time for a phone call, please contact Gabe Andrews in our members services team, by emailing, with ‘Accounting Services Helpline’ in the subject line.

Please include your full name and membership number, and if possible, a short summary of the questions you’d like to ask, or issues you need help with – this way the accountants can be prepared when they speak to you.

We will have up to nine slots available per week, beginning next week (from April 28).

Thanks again to Entertainment Accounting for providing this service.

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