Friday, 10 Jul 2020

For any of our members who are involved the operating of music venues around the country, The NZ Music Commission has announced the opening of the NZ Music Venue Infrastructure Fund.

The fund is available to support COVID-19 related health and safety measures for music venues and support the infrastructure costs for original NZ music performance venues across New Zealand.

This Fund will enable music venues to apply for a contribution towards the costs associated with operating live music venue with an environment which is fit for purpose and safe for artists, audiences and staff. Applications will be accepted from businesses that are music venues of less than 1,000 capacity and have a track record of original New Zealand music performances. Applications are encouraged from venues outside of the main centres to support ongoing domestic live touring both nationally and in the regions.

The NZ Music Venue Infrastructure Fund opens on Wednesday 8 July for five weeks until 12 August 2020, or until the Fund is fully distributed (which may be before this date).  Applications will be accepted for grants up to a maximum value of $50,000 per venue and there is no minimum amount.  All applications will be processed within 28 days of the Music Commission receiving them.

Venues will need to provide a plan of the expenditure they wish to undertake with quotes supplied, or proof of expenditure already undertaken in response to COVID-19 (for example, hiring equipment or furniture to operate under Alert Level 2 restrictions or work already undertaken since 23 March 2020).

If a venue is applying for new expenditure with quotes, successful applicants will need to provide the invoice/s for this approved expenditure before payment of the grant. Applicants must agree to be subject to audit if required.

To apply for the NZ Music Venue Infrastructure Fund, venues will need to first get in touch with the Music Commission to briefly discuss their application and receive a password to access the application form – this process is so they can check if venues qualify in advance, before people spend time filling in applications. You can contact the Music Commission either by email to or call the office on 09 3760115. Please read below for more information about qualifying music venues and the list of eligible costs and non-eligible costs.

For more information and details around whether a venue can qualify for funding, visit the NZ Music Commission website here.

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