Monday, 29 Jun 2020

Sustainability Fund

First round of recipients announced, more to come

Back in May we announced the Sustainability Fund – created to provide direct financial support to songwriter and composer members in the creation of new music. Members worldwide, at any career stage and working in any musical genre were eligible to apply for a $2,000 grant.

The response to the Sustainability Fund was tremendous. There were 2,471 applications for the $300,000 funding pool, which was made possible by the APRA Board of Directors and a contribution from the cultural fund. 

Today, we're pleased to report that additional funding has been generously contributed by Charitable Giving Fund, which has boosted the total number of grants we're able to announce today from 150 to 225.

So we're delighted to announce the first round of 225 recipients of the $2,000 grants, including 46 New Zealand members. Please see the full list of New Zealand members published below, and if you wish to read the full list of Australian members you can head here.

Applicants shared first-hand accounts of how the crisis directly affected their livelihoods and career plans. The cancellation and postponement of concerts, festivals and local and international tours meant that crucial income disappeared, delaying the ability to fund creative work like recording sessions and album publicity, and in many instances put a financial strain on being able to pay for rent and groceries.

The theme of uncertainty was also strong - the inability to concretely plan ahead for tours, releases, collaborative opportunities, and projects, has created a great deal of both financial and creative anxiety. While these grants are unable to make up for these challenges, we hope they can alleviate the difficulties facing many members.

Jana Gibson, Head of Member Services at APRA AMCOS says: “On behalf of the APRA Board and all of us at APRA AMCOS, I wish those recipients a heartfelt congratulations.  

“We saw from the applications how so many of you are undertaking incredible projects whilst also dealing with the detrimental financial impact across all sectors of the music industry, especially live music, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“So I’m pleased to report that this is just the first round of recipients. The APRA Board have also decided to make an additional AU$200,000 available, which means we'll be able to award a second round of 100 further grants."

This newly announced extra $200,000 of funding will be awarded to 100 additional members taken from the current pool of applicants.

If you applied and didn’t receive funding in the first round, you do not need to apply again as all current applicants are considered for this next round of funding. 

We'd like to thank Charitable Giving Fund for their support, and also thank all of our members for their continued work and creative efforts through this challenging time.

The New Zealand members who are receiving Sustainability Grants in the first round are:

Alex Wildwood

Andre Manella (Sonic Delusion)

Arapekanga Hayden Adams-Tamatea (L.A.B)

Augusta Larkin (Mermaidens / Earth Tongue)

Chris Dent (Albi & The Wolves)

Chris Lam Sam (The Funky Monkeys)

Christopher Marshall     

Claire Cowan     

Dallas Tamaira (Joe Dukie / Fat Freddy's Drop)

David Donaldson

Delaney Davidson           

Dick Johnson (Magik J / Clicks / Weird Together)

Dylan Lardelli    

Elizabeth Stokes (The Beths)

Em-Haley Walker (Theia)

Ezra Simons (Earth Tongue)

Finn Andrews   

Gabriel Everett (Foley)

Hiriini Stuart Kora (L.A.B)

Hollie Fullbrook (Tiny Ruins)

Holly Arrowsmith            

Jeffrey Addison (Toro Pikopiko Puppets)

Jenny Mitchell  

Jeremy Redmore            

Jessica Hansell (Coco Solid)

Judi Cranston    

Julia Deans         

Karoline Tamati (Ladi6)

Kaylee Bell         

Kendall Todd (Kendall Elise)

Louis Baker

Mark Perkins (Merk)

Marlon Williams

Mike Newport 

Mona Sanei (CHAII)

Nadia Reid

Natalia Sheppard (Tali)

Nick Campbell (Midnight Youth)

Peter Ruddell (Sulfate / Wax Chattels)

Richard Barwell (Captain Festus McBoyle)

Rob Ruha

Sam Bartells      

Seth Haapu

Simon Oscroft  

Te Karehana Toi (Teeks)

Thomas Oliver

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